Mass mailings
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All channels can be combined. For example, at first, you try to send a message to customers who are subscribed on your Telegram bot, if they are not - send it using WhatsApp, if the user does not have WhatsApp, you can try to send a message using Telegram digital. And only if the user doesn't have messengers, you send messages using the most expensive channel - SMS. We call these cascading channels and you can easily set them up in our workspace.
Using our dashboard, you can add any channel for 2-3 clicks.
WhatsApp is the most popular messenger.

The main advantages of our WhatsApp integration are that you see messages from your customers in your WhatsApp immediately and you only pay for the subscription, without any additional fees.

The main challenges - you need a phone from which you can scan the QR code to connect him and us + low sending capacity, about 1 message per minute.
Telegram personal
Telegram is one of the fastest growing social media platforms in the world. In some countries it is already number 1, such as Russia, Iran, Spain, Italy, Ethiopia, and Spain, and in some it is a considerable number 2.

It has 700 million monthly active users as per the official data and projects over 1 billion users by 2023.

In our case, you can use Telegram and WhatsApp without any extra payments.

Numeric means it works just like WhatsApp, the user doesn't need to be subscribed to your bot. If the user hidden his/her phone in the privacy settings, we will not send the message and move on to the next cascade step.
Telegram bot
The only difference between a bot and a numerator is that in the case of a bot, the user must be subscribed to it. Otherwise we move to the next cascade step.
SMS - old fashioned channel, almost 99% delivery rate, but high price and no ability to set a dialogue with client.

We usually recommend this channel only as the last cascade step.
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