Empower your business with WhatsApp & Telegram notifications

Interact with your customers using the most popular messaging apps
5 minutes setting in
Free messages
30 days for free
✅ No credit card required
Messenger bots as the new sales managers
Create interactive chats for your business using the world's most popular messengers - WhatsApp and Telegram. Warm up your customers, send them notifications and reminders, and make more sales
customers regularly check and read WhatsApp messages
customers don't mind receiving promotional messages from the salons they use
2 times
Whatsapp is cheaper than sending SMS
Take the best from both channels
Experiment with text length and style. Chat without limits on the number of messages you can send.
Send mass mailings and be sure that important messages are delivered.
✅ No credit card required
Easy to start
Four simple steps and you will be on the next level of communication
Connect your WhatsApp &/or Telegram to our system
In 4-5 minutes - integrate your CRM or CMS with our system using our modules
Setting up
Setting up notifications and their triggers on the CRM sides
Done, you're moving to the next level of customer communication
No code integration
We already have integration with the most popular CRM and CMS, there is no need to code, everything is pre-built from scratch

Turn WhatsApp into a marketing channel

Send mass mailings with discount codes, promotional messages, event invitations and customer satisfaction surveys with a single click directly from your CRM or our workspace. With an average open rate of 98%, you can be sure your messages will be read.


Chatbot helps your customers get instant answers to typical questions.
Manage all channels easily
Decided to add a new channel, like a Telegram bot? It's free, and you can activate it literally in 4 clicks!
Everything is transparent
Track which messenger a message has been delivered to and what the delivery status is
Comminucate with your clients right in CRM, using our iFrame (soon)
Our new iFrame feature aggregates messages from all channels in one place and you can interact with it right in CRM, there is no more need to navigate from CRM to WhatsApp using alt-tab.
Why choose us
WhatsApp and Telegram notifications
Caring support, reliable service, and superb functionality. Starting from $ 40 per month.
Powerful integration
Mass mailings
Birthday celebrations
Reminders and notifications
Cascade (First - send to messengers, then SMS)
Messages are free, pay only for subscription
No surcharges or hidden fees
We don't charge for additional features, operators or affiliates - you only pay for your subscription
The first 30 days are free. Further - on the monthly basis according to the tariff.
One of the best price on the market
WhatsApp & Telegram S
Standart integration of WhatsApp & Telegram with your CRM
$ 45 / month
WhatsApp & Telegram PRO
Mass mailings, chatbot, review page, additional Altegio notification (visit confirmation)
$ 60 / month
WhatsApp & Telegram MAX
Unlimited messages, additional Altegio notifications (upsell, invitation to come again)
$ 80 / month
Join us
If you came to us from a competitor, we give a discount for the first three months. further based on the selected tariff.
The best choose the best
We have integrations with the best CRM and CMS
Setting up - 5 minutes, 30 days free trial (no card required)
✅ No credit card required
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